Kaliber Glove Box Organizer

Custom glove box organizer to complete the OEM's unfinished glove box look. Soft liner for scratch protection. Available in black, blue, or red stitching. Marine grade vinyl for durability. Made in the USA.

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Add more convenience, organization, and a finished look to your glove box. The organizer’s spacious central storage compartment is large enough to fit the owner’s manual, and it includes a right-wall pocket with semi-rigid wall for easy access, a reach mesh pocket, and a zippered pouch to the left for extra security. This organizer is padded to eliminate items bouncing off bare plastic and is available in black, red, or blue stitching.

Special features include:

·         Soft underbelly liner to protect stock plastic from scratches
·         Easy & fast hook-and-loop installation (peel & stick)
·         UV-protected marine grade vinyl for durability, fade prevention, and cold crack control

Hand-stitched in Rice Lake, WI at our Hopnel Manufacturing Facility.

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