Kaliber Driver and Passenger Frame Tube Covers

Frame tube covers protect against scuffs and scratches. Seamlessly integrate with Slingshot's natural style. Lower and upper frame tube covers made of marine grade vinyl for durability and fade prevention. Available in black, red, and blue stitching. Made in the USA.

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Product description

These covers are designed to protect the stock frame tubes from scuffs and scratches and to provide a comfortable surface for the rider's leg.

Hand sewn in the USA of high-quality materials, the covers were made to seamlessly integrate with the Slingshot's natural style while adding a personalized look.

Available in red, blue, and black stitching and designed to be compatible with other accessories in the same area.

·         Two lower frame tube covers measure 38" x 5".  Two upper frame tube covers measure 16" x 5"

·         Marine grade vinyl for durability, fade prevention, and cold crack control

Hand-stitched in Rice Lake, WI at our Hopnel Manufacturing Facility.

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