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Big Bike Parts® market proven Brake Light Modulator is now available as a Plug ‘N Go for the 2018 and Newer GL1800. This modulator converts your ordinary brake light into an attention grabbing visual alert device, creating more visibility when you are braking. Application of brakes will cause your brake light to automatically emit a visual alert signal of 4 to 8 short light flashes depending on what mode you select. There are 4 easy to set modes: Mode 0 = 4 Flashes then Solid Brake; Mode 1 = 4 Flashes then 4 Second Solid Brake with Repeating Pattern; Mode 2 = 8 Flashes then Solid Brake; and Mode 3 = 8 Flashes then 4 Second Solid Brake with Repeating Pattern. This Brake Light Modulator has a 10 amp capacity and attaches with double-sided adhesive tape and connects with supplied connectors. A great product to have on your motorcycle to improve safety and visibility.


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