• Low profile contour trunk rack
  • Premium chrome finish with non-slip rubber inserts for luggage
  • CNC finished aluminum, ensuring years of reliability and low maintenance
  • 23”L x 12”W x 4¾” H

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Product description

This stunning Low Profile Contour Trunk Rack incorporates Show Chrome Accessories® high luster chrome and non-slip rubber inserts for your luggage bags. This unique design incorporates a compound curve to match the GL1800’s trunk shape. The use of a compound curve allows this rack to be thin, light and durable. Designed to work with Big Bike Parts® #4-603 Show Chrome Accessories Luggage Bag. This design compliments Show Chrome Accessories® other products for the GL1800 that use rubber and chrome, such as its comfort grips, vantage boards, battery side covers and fork covers. Manufactured with superior quality components featuring CNC finished aluminum, ensuring years of reliable use and low maintenance. All necessary hardware is included to mount the rack to the GL1800 Gold Wing trunk with or without OEM spoilers. Add this item to your GL1800 and start touring today! Dimension 23"L x 12"W x 4 3/4"H.


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