With the FormFusion Spyder Trunk light, you’ll be seen more clearly and will ride safer and more confidently. Why? Because the FormFusion is the first formed trunk light ever for the Spyder. This running, brake, and sequential turn signal light sits higher up on the Spyder than any other light, forming tightly around the contour of the trunk for a clean, highly engineered, custom look. It is fully Plug N’ Play when purchased with our 41-265WI harness (which works with other lights!), getting you back on the road faster with less frustration.

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Product description

It’s clear why the Spyder is the ultimate touring machine. It has plush, comfortable seats and stability to ride for hours. It has solid audio, and it’s great for passengers. But it’s definitely missing lighting, particularly in the rear and when you’re signaling a turn.

The FormFusion Trunk Light solves that problem, because it’s the first formed trunk light for the Spyder. With this light, you’ll be seen more clearly, other drivers will know what you’re signaling, and you’ll ride safer and more confidently.

It has running, brake, and turn signal functionality – with sequential turn signals so you flag to drivers and fellow riders that you’re turning. The light is 12” wide x 2 ¼” tall and forms tightly around the side of the trunk, which means the sequential “action” actually bends around the motorcycle – it’s awesome. Also, it sits higher up on the motorcycle than any other light on the market.

The brilliant, advanced LEDs look right at home with the Spyder stock lights. And of course, like all of our new light it’s fully Plug N’ Play installation, so you get back to riding faster and with less frustration. The 41-265WI harness must be purchased separately to make it Plug N’ Play, and you can use that harness with other Show Chrome Plug N’ Play lights for the Spyder.

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