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Big Bike Parts® creates Smoke™ for the perfect Goldwing F6B, with a Limited Edition offering of 9 accessories that really accent the F6B’s dark lines by turning our Show Chrome Accessories® finish into Smoke™. Our unique dark plated finish gives an elusive feeling to our chrome that adds depth and definition. The Smoke™ look can take on a chameleon effect depending on lighting. Its dark mirror finish is the perfect accent to the F6B and its blacked out design. Smoke™ is available in a dress out package of 9 must have GL1800 accessories in Big Bike Parts illusive Smoke™ finish along with a Limited Edition Smoke Badge: 1) Pair of Smoke Board Covers; 2) Pair of Smoke Engine Covers, 3) Pair of Smoke LED Saddlebag  Accents, 4) Pair of Smoke Battery Covers, 5) Pair of Smoke Frame Covers, 6) Pair of Smoke Garnish Accents, 7) Pair of Smoke Fender Fillers, 8) Smoke Front Fender Extension, and 9) Smoke LED Rear Fender Accent. Fits GL1800 2012- 17.


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