Experience the allure of our Striking Sequential Design, combining eye-catching sequential lighting with heightened rider visibility. Enjoy superior brightness through Advanced LED Lighting with a new diffused aesthetic achieved by a tighter LED arrangement. And with Plug-and-Play Simplicity, you'll have faster installation, maximizing your road time.

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The Slayer Front Fender Sequential LEDs combine cutting-edge design with unbeatable functionality, tailored specifically for the Spyder and Ryker’s blind spots and safety vulnerabilities. The Slayer lights are offered in the stealthy smoke or vibrant amber lens, guaranteeing not just visibility but an elevated presence on the road. Drawing inspiration from Show Chrome's best-selling predecessor, the Slayer Front Fender LEDs are a huge improvement – here’s why:
• Striking Sequential Lighting: Experience the future with a dazzling effect that stands out, day or night.
• Advanced LEDs in a tighter arrangement: Bid goodbye to uneven light and hot spots, welcoming a uniform luminous glow.
• Plug-and-Play Installation: Time is luxury. Our hassle-free design ensures you spend more moments enjoying the ride and less time tinkering.
• Safety Above All: With brighter lights, you don't just travel; you announce your presence, ensuring that other vehicles take notice.

Part# 41-187ABK (Smoke Lens)

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