• Matches OEM look, following bike’s design
  • Running and turn signal lighting increase visibility
  • 18 red SMD LED lights per side
  • Functional safety accessory

In stock

Product description

Being well lit increases motorcycle safety and Big Bike Parts® adds visibility to the saddlebags of the 2018 and newer GL1800 Gold Wing to enhance being seen, with their new GT Saddlebag Side Accents Lights. If you did not know they were added you would think they were OEM, as they follow the bikes design and shape so well. These 12” x ¾” LED Accent Lights have 18 red SMD LED’s per side with matching red reflector lens. These accent lights incorporate a subtle chrome design with the inlaid lens, and can be wired as running and turnsignals to enhance visibility. Attaches securely with acrylic double sided tape and requires a small wiring hole. Comes with all needed components, sold as a  pair. For 2018 andnewer GL1800 Gold Wing.


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