Universal application Can be used as a trailer isolating wiring Compact size: 1 1/8” x 2¾” x 3¾” 20-amp fuse and separate 30-amp relay 2 always-on power connections protected by a combination of 5- and 10-amp fuses

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Product description

Show Chrome Accessories® now offers a Plug N’ Go Electronic Fuse Block for the Can-Am Ryker. Designed with eleven terminal tie in points which are electronically protected by nine separate relays and fuses. Includes: turnsignal, running lights, brake light, always on and keyed connection points. The Ryker’s electrical system is protected by a 20 amp fuse and separate 30 amp relay to isolate accessories from the Ryker’s electrical system. Comes with sub harness with OEM connectors for seamless connectivity. This is a must have accessory when adding electrical accessories to the Can-Am Ryker.


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