Driving/Fog Light 4 4" RECT


Meet our versatile standalone fog lights: four 1W high-power LEDs in a 4" aluminum housing emit 1500 lumens using 8 watts, .6 amps. Perfect for primary or supplemental lighting, they suit golf carts, trailers, and more.

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Product description

4- 1 watt Hi-power LEDs in an aluminium housing. 4" long, the pair of lights use 8 watts, .6 amps and put out 1500 lumens of light.  This standalone fog light is adaptable for use as either a primary headlight or a supplemental light source. It is suitable for a range of applications including headlights for golf carts, reverse lights, trailer backup lights, interior lighting, spotlights, and other directional lighting requirements.

Each pair of lights comes packaged with mounting hardware for easy installation.




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