Post Mt Light 1 2" Round


The Xtreme Off-Road Brite Lites LED, ideal for motorcycles and ATVs, boasts a durable Post Mount design with aluminum housing for versatile driving/fog lights, lasting 30,000 hours. The 2" round model emits a 900-lumen Spot beam using 10 watts (.9 amps).

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Product description

treme Off-Road Brite Lites LED light in the Post Mount LED design. Super tough all Aluminum housing acts as full heat sink and provides great protection for long life. Designed for use on motorcycles and ATVs as driving/fog lights. Great supplemental light on anything. Rated to last 30,000 hours. 2" round model has 1 LED, Spot beam, uses 10 watts- .9 amps, and puts out 900 lumens.


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