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A true motorcycle accessory not only must do what it was designed to do, but it needs to look good while doing it. The old adage Form Follows Function, is a constant design practice at Big Bike Parts®, and this cannot be more evident than in their most recent Wind Deflectors for the GL1800. A true Wind Deflector will deflect as much weather away from the rider pocket as possible while still allowing the ability to bring air into the riding pocket at various angles for comfort. These Show Chrome Accessories® Upper and Lower Wind Deflectors do all of this very well. The 3 ¾” x 9 ¾” upper deflector panel mounts below the mirror with a custom pivot bracket allowing 125° of rotation and allows the mirror to fully fold without interfering with the wind deflector. The lower deflector is a functional 4 ½” x 16 ½” tall panel providing great adjustability by the rider with 110° of rotation, unlike the fixed OEM version. Both are dark smoke and easy to install with only 2 mounting holes per panel.


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