Reduce the risk of sudden trunk closures on your 2020+ Spyder RT LTD & F3 LTD with Show Chrome's Trunk Shock, providing over 30 pounds of support for added weight from trunk racks or accessories. Easy installation for a stronger trunk and enhanced safety.

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Product description

The OEM trunk shock on the 2020 and newer Spyder RT LTD & F3 LTD isn’t strong enough to support much additional weight, such as from trunk racks or other mounted accessories. So, it often closes on its own, risking your fingers, your personal items, and fraying your nerves. Show Chrome® created the Trunk Shock as the perfect solution, as it seamlessly replaces the OEM shock and provides over 30 lbs (14 kg) of support.

Installation is quick and easy with no drilling required, and the look cleanly replaces the OEM shock.


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