18¾” x 12” trunk luggage rack Mounting legs align to OEM mounting points Rubber washers under each spacer protect the bike’s finish and ensure water-tight fit to trunk lid Available in black or premium chrome

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Product description

The wait is over for a true Tour Trunk Rack for the Yamaha Star Venture and the Can-Am F3T and LTD with the introduction by Big Bike Parts® of its latest Deluxe Tour Trunk Rack. This generous 18 ¾’’ x 12’’ trunk luggage rack easily accommodates luggage bags and its mounting legs will align with the OEM mounting points to make an easy upgrade if you already have an OEM rack installed. Big Bike Parts® custom tapered mounting spacer helps spread the load and easily conform to the trunks curve to alleviate stress and cracking. The rubber washer under each spacer not only protects the bikes finish, but ensures a water tight fit to the trunk lid. Designed specifically for the Yamaha Star Venture and the Can-Am Spyder F3T and LTD trunk on 2016 and newer models. Available in either Chrome or Black Satin Finish.


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