3” of horizontal and 1” vertical adjustability Easily detachable Works with or without: BRP Max Mount, BRP passenger seat, BRP SHAD bag Hand sewn in USA

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Product description

Big Bike Parts® offers an all new Smart Mount™ backrest for the Can-Am Ryker. Not only does it work with or without the Max Mount, it also works with the OEM passenger seat and it works with or without the SHAD Bag, both of which many Ryker riders utilize. As with so many of Big Bike Parts®, Smart Mount™ backrests this pad assembly is easily detachable allowing a clean look when not installed. All Smart Mount™ backrests allow riders to enjoy 3” of horizontal pad adjustment and 1”of vertical adjustment ensuring a comfortable ride. Combined with Show Chrome Accessories special high density comfort foam, the pad holds up to daily use without wearing. Made in the USA. These backrests are sewn in our Hopnel Manufacturing Facility in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.


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