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Big Bike Parts® does not rest on its laurels and has taken its popular MR16 LED bulb introduced in 2015 and pushed an additional 90 lumens out of it. This MR16 LED bulb now delivers 490 Lumens with its high-output, high intensity LED and now has a bright 5000K color temperature. The dimmable design of this bulb also delivers less feedback to weak radio signals, making this a great upgrade to many of Big Bike Parts® 16-104A Mini LED Driving Light Kits sold over the years.

Buy  these MR16 LED’s as individual bulbs, as part of our mini driving lights as single units or get a pair in your choice of over 25 bike fitting kits. These die cast chrome universal LED lights have a built in visor and are a compact3 ¾’’ long  with a 2 3/8’’ diameter that can mount to existing light bars with their 8mm mount. Available in chrome and black matte finish.


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