Protect and enhance your Ryker's gas tank shroud with the Ballistic Tank Bra: resilient against zipper and buckle scuffs, premium “Ballistic” two-tone design, and effortless removal for cleaning. Available in black or red stitch. Made in USA.

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Ever noticed unsightly zipper and buckle scuffs marring the beauty of your Can-Am Ryker's gas tank shroud? Show Chrome introduces the Ballistic Tank Bra, designed to elevate the look of your Ryker while providing robust protection against everyday wear and tear.

Crafted for a perfect contoured fit around the gas tank shroud, this Tank Bra not only preserves the pristine condition of your Ryker but also boasts a two-tone premium "Ballistic" fabric design, available in both black and red stitching.

Not just for aesthetics, it's a functional addition that's anchored securely with our proven Velcro-like fasteners. And when your ride needs a cleanup, easily detach the Tank Bra and get it looking brand new. Hand sewn in our Hopnel facility in Rice Lake, WI, USA.



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